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Choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that’ll revolutionise the way you work is a tall order when there’s several on the market. Anyone that’s ever used an ineffective one will tell you that you’re better off selecting one with a proven track record. Although we’ve got a legacy of generating real results, we like to keep the public informed. With this in mind, we’ve compiled several things you might want to think about before you choose your real estate CRM.


You’d be quite right. With digital transforming our world daily, there’s an increased pressure for every business to adapt and find their niche within this space. With the added push of time constraints, we’re constantly reminded that our time is precious. As a result, we need to find new ways to use it wisely.


Just in case everyone is not familiar with the term. Double work is the idea that you do the same thing more than once. With admin tasks taking up a lot of our time each day, few of us can afford to do the same thing twice. We’ve all heard the saying “time is money.” This is especially true for real estate agents. With the help of a CRM, tedious admin tasks no longer need to take up a lot of time each day as they can be completed once in real-time. As a result, CRMs have become indispensable in many industries, particularly in sales-driven ones, like real estate.

For busy real estate agents, a CRM is absolutely an acronym worth knowing.

But, which factors should you consider when choosing a CRM provider? Here’s 6 key questions you need to ask before buying a CRM solution for your real estate business.



        Do all the features of the CRM work as advertised, in real-time and without any error messages? The saying, “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Make sure that you get exactly what was promised and paid for.


        Is the CRM user-friendly and easy to navigate? If it’s not, it’s simply not for you. Those in sales need to hit the ground running as soon as they purchase their CRM license. With ease of use being an important factor to consider, you’ll be more likely to use your system if you feel comfortable that you can.


        Is the CRM accessible on all devices (mobile, tablet & PC)? There’s nothing more frustrating than a CRM that doesn’t adapt to every device it is used on. This is especially important for those that need to access their system on the go.


        Does the service provider have a qualified team of developers to support the product into the future? With technology evolving at a rapid rate, there are always a few glitches that come with it. Without a qualified team behind your CRM, you’ll be left behind. From our experience, we know the true value of a quick turnaround time, especially when there’s more than one developer supporting our product.


        What kind of training and customer support does the service provider offer? It is vital that you get support when you need it most. If not, your issues will remain unresolved and go on to slow your processes.


        Can you cancel your contract at anytime? Should you find yourself unhappy with the product or level of service, you need to be able to get out. Be wary of getting locked into a contract that makes you pay for something you don’t want to use.

Our favourite CRM happens to be one of our own. Whilst some might call it biased, we know there’s a reason why The Virtual Agent is the #1 Data & CRM Tool for Estate Agents in South Africa.

We pride ourselves on providing nothing but the best customer service. Our clients get assistance from us at any time, from anywhere, via our support line, email or Live Chat feature.

Our team of 90 developers is ready and waiting to address any glitches so that it’s back up and running in real-time, with no fuss. This makes downtime a thing of the past with The Virtual Agent.

With scalability on any device, you can access it no matter where you are working for the day. Our CRM is also extremely user-friendly. So much so, that when we built it, we used our target audience’s website behaviour to develop our system. We also believe in termination rights so you’ll be able to cancel your 12-month contract. It’s as easy as giving us a month’s written notice.

Why do we offer all the qualities of a good CRM? Because we know that this is about you, not us. We want our CRM to improve your time management and help you focus on what you do best… selling homes.

Try The Virtual Agent today for FREE.

Infographic Factors to consider

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