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Data is the new oil. Well, that’s the way we see it anyway. And with over 28 years of experience in our industry, we’ve seen the presence and power of data evolve. In fact, we were one of first to recognise its potential impact on our own business and our clients.

It’s a fact that many entities in South Africa and abroad are still unaware of the full capabilities of data and how it could impact their bottom line. Here’s why you should be paying attention to the rewarding world of data:

Data = key insights

Operating a business without data to guide you is like going on a road trip without a GPS. Don’t get lost along the way, rather have a planned route that’s guaranteed to work without any costly detours to slow you down! Data is a powerful tool in helping you plan your business’ strategy, objectives, and even your method of implementation. If you know who you’re talking to, how to talk to them and which channels are best to reach them, you’re far more likely to convert engagements into sales through qualified leads from an accurate and reliable database. In today’s competitive market you can’t afford to take a shot in the dark; with reliable data you’ll have a clear path with clear opportunities.

Data saves resources

Time is money. In fact, the two go hand in hand to the point where wasting one is just as bad as wasting the other. Without data to guide your tactics and business processes, you’re adopting the trial and error approach of yesteryear. Nowadays, you need to reach your audience faster, in less time and at a lower cost. But how? Using data. By having an updated database and knowing the demographics of your audience and their behavioural activity online and/or in-store, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time from the first engagement to a closed sale.

Data means giving your customers what they want

Imagine if you could give your customers what they want, when they want it? You can with data. By knowing the ins and outs of your customers, you can tailor your strategy, approach, and product offerings to meet their unique set of needs. With data providing accurate, industry relevant insights, you can increase your market share and deliver a real return on investment.

Data is relied on by multiple industries

At Blake, our data services are enlisted by some of the nation’s biggest names across various sectors:




Real Estate


Whether it’s direct sales, debt collection or even just customer feedback, data can help your business connect with its audience in a way that adds value, every time. Engagements like these allow for vital interactions that could transform the fate of your business into an industry leader.

Trust the data experts

At Blake, we’re one of the largest producers of data for a variety of industries. This has allowed us to become specialists in the field of data collection, analysis, and implementation. It’s why we’ve been able to successfully connect the right brands with the right audiences, through the most effective channels to help them reach their strategic and operational objectives. We also specialise in data cleaning, so our clients always have reliable, up-to-date data.

Would you like to know more about how data can help your business? Talk to us +27 31 538 4250


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