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In the spirit of Women’s Month, we thought we’d take some time to share a few ways in which we empower the lovely ladies of the Blake family. It’s our goal to help every woman in the business embrace her individuality, remain empowered and grow from strength to strength. For these reasons, a number of steps are taken to keep the fearless females we love and respect flying high. How do we practice female empowerment? Read more below.

We celebrate diversity

Everyone is different and we love that. It’s what makes our business and the people who work with us so incredibly unique. People of all cultures, heritages, walks of life and abilities are all found under one roof. Although we’re all different, deep down, we know that our purpose of leaving this world better than we found it is all the same. Where our ladies are concerned, we encourage them all to embrace what makes them different and to celebrate these characteristics as strengths instead of differentiators. As a result, the women in the Blake family are confident, enthusiastic and always dare to do more.

We are women supporting women

Nothing is more important than females supporting other females. We have each other’s backs no matter what and we’re always there to help a woman in need. It’s why we notice when fellow family members are not themselves or if they’re going through a tough time. By lending our support and shoulder to lean on, every lady in the Blake Group has a safe, positive space to be herself and to share what she needs to. Powerful women support women. It’s really as simple as that.

We want everyone to #BeBetter

The business wouldn’t be where it is today if we weren’t all on our own journey to #BeBetter. Where our ladies are concerned, our line managers drive the importance of goal setting and living one’s purpose. When these are made a priority, every woman gets the chance to become the best version of herself. They can them act as an example for others, inspiring them to do the same. This positive chain reaction is one we’re certainly proud of, proving that our people matter and we always do what’s right.

We drive support through wellness days

We know that knowledge is power so we’re always looking for new ways to share vital information with our teams, especially our ladies. Whether it’s physical, financial or emotional wellness, we have several days a year where experts on the subject come to talk to our Blake family. The importance of these things in one’s life cannot be understated. It’s why we ensure that these wellness days add as much value as possible so that they can truly transform the lives of others.

To every woman in the Blake family, thank you for your light and love. You truly make our business and the world a much more beautiful place.We wish you all a happy Women’s Month

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