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Our Menstruation Matters Campaign

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room… Periods. They’re a fact of life and for all the ladies in The Blake Family, they’re part of being a woman. Although they’re a given and not anything we can change, there’s an undeniable stigma attached to them and one that forces many to be silent. To paint a bigger picture, approximately 300 million women are having a period as you read this. As a result at least one in seven women you speak to, at any given time, is menstruating.

As common as periods are, it’s a topic that’s approached with much shame. And in many parts of the world, periods can stop girls from living normal lives, especially in parts of our own nation, where girls don’t have access to the tools they need to embrace this part of womanhood. Even in our modern world, girls still feel embarrassed or ashamed when on their periods, use improper substitutes as sanitary products, miss out on vital education every single month because of them.

At least 17% of women skip important activities out of fear that their periods will be “found out”. This is a statistic that saddens us as every woman deserves to play an active role in her community and live life to the fullest even on days where she is menstruating. It’s why we’ve made Women’s Month 2021 the month of #MenstruationMatters.

Blake Family, it’s time to make menstruation matter. It’s time to start meaningful conversations and make a tangible difference. This means involving men in these discussions to help educate them too so that we may break the taboos that surround periods. As a business, we’ve joined forces with Wireless Female Network to promote better hygiene standards across our business and showing support to Rydal Park Secondary in Phoenix through our sanitary towels/pads drive.

How can you help and get involved in our Menstruation Matters campaign?

Between 2 and 25 August, we’re hosting a sanitary pad drive. Those working from the office can drop off sanitary pads/towels in the boxes provided on the premises.

For those working from home, we’ll be hosting a drive-by drop off on Monday, 16 August from 9am until 4pm. Whilst donations are not compulsory they will certainly be appreciated. All donations will be sent to Wireless Female Network who will distribute to Rydal Park Secondary in Phoenix, where a talk will be given on Menstrual Education.Blake Family, let us do what is right and remember that ALL people matter.

Together, we can end #PeriodPoverty

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