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No one witnessed the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic quite like our HR department. Led by Kashani Raman, our team rallied together to support and motivate our teams so that they could continue to succeed whilst weathering the storm posed by various levels of lockdown. This was a time of great learning for the HR crew, as they did their best to mitigate the challenges of an unprecedented time. What were these hurdles? We sat down with Kashani as she shared a few of the HR department’s key challenges with us.

Securing the psychology of our workforce

“The most evident challenge exists with the psychology of the workforce and the impact of the pandemic on the requirements on people for rapid, inconsistent change in working conditions. Many of our employees have experienced unprecedented loss personally and this has filtered into their emotional propensity to deal with any other perceived loss or change. It’s why we had to step in and do what we could for our people. This meant deploying free on-site psychology sessions to help them lighten their loads. Something that’s certainly paid off.”

Bridging Work From Home (WFH) and Work From Office (WFO)

“We noticed that the need for an evolving hybrid work requirement, whilst sustaining oneself and their job was evidently placing most employees under much pressure. There was an increase in misconduct instances due to employees not being able to successfully transition from WFH environments where there is minimal structure, back to the traditional WFO structure. HR had and still has the huge task of assisting the business and its people to reach a sustainable level of health and congruency in the employee relations department. We have no doubts that the end of our National State of Disaster will help ease our teams back into normalcy.”

Empowering our people

“At times, things really got tough for our industry but no matter what, we could not give up hope. Empowering our teams to remain committed and consistent in the face of the global pandemic was often a great hurdle for us but through the correct protocols and guidance from management, we were able to get through to our people. Our leaders were able to use their experiences to influence, encourage, motivate and assist others navigate through the unchartered terrain that exists in the new world of work. We also inspired our people to enhance their EQ/EI/SI, which drove self-improvement across the board.”

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this story as we unpack four lessons our HR department learned from COVID-19.

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