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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made yourself familiar with Wi-Fi advertising and what it offers brands. Just in case you missed it, perhaps you’d like to refer to our last article, Why should brands advertise on Wi-Fi?”

In a nutshell, with platforms like Facebook and Google offering unparalleled data collection and engagement opportunities, it’s the monetization of Wi-Fi that unlocks the true potential of the digital advertising journey. Here’s a little more on Wi-Fi monetization and what it means for your business.

Wi-Fi Monetization

Free Wi-Fi can be monetized through advertising in exactly the same way it functions with Google and Facebook. With ad content being served to users of a free Wi-Fi service, you can give users access to the internet and enjoy brand exposure in return. You’ll also be giving these users access to social media platforms like Facebook and Google. With the ability of the advertising journey to venture through Wi-Fi into other digital advertising platforms, you can navigate your target audience through a series of hyper-targeted and meaningful engagements that yield conversions. Wi-Fi is the gateway for this consumer journey.

The ultimate gateway for this consumer journey

Having the ability to build demographic and psychographic profiles of users consuming a free Wi-Fi service is the key ingredient in the monetization journey. The taking of limited data from the registration process and cross-referencing it with a citizenship database to identify consumer profiles is the Holy Grail. By using these profiles to tailor your Wi-Fi advertising messages and offerings, you’ll never miss a chance to convert consumers. It’s all about the data and having access to it.

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Monetization Journey

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