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Chas Everitt International is set to implement The Virtual Agent, a new all-in-one data solution, at a national level. The leader in global realty has begun its roll-out of the revolutionary database technology at branches across the country.

The new age of realty solutions looms as Chas Everitt International implements new database technology The Virtual Agent is in phase one of its development, with plans to roll out the app by the end of the first quarter of 2016. Currently, the platform allows estate agents to access property owners’ contact details, deeds information and more, through their smart devices in real time.

The solution is the combined brainchild of estate agent Debbie Leo-Smith and Blake Holdings, a KZN business that has an established history in the development of technology solutions. Frustrated by the cumbersome stock and operating systems the realty industry used, the two joined forces to create a single platform CRM system that would meet estate agents’ needs.

With Leo-Smith’s strong understanding of the industry and Blake’s well established database business being able to identify potential sellers, the seeds were sown for a truly disruptive technology. The development, which began in July of 2015, was quick to catch on among estate agents and enter the revenue-generating phase.

Data is critical in the modern world and there is a gap to mine data more efficiently in the real estate world,” says Leo-Smith. “The Virtual Agent provides the ability for every agent to be more efficient, professional and to be able to work in ‘real time’, thereby converting more leads to sales and have more time to spend with the family. An agent’s office can be anywhere/anytime, eliminating the need to always be in the office.”

Chas Everitt was an early adopter of The Virtual Agent when Director of Franchising Barry Davies noticed the benefits it could offer to the agents, franchisees and licensees in the Chas Everitt group.

“Being able to access meaningful, comprehensive and up-to-date contact and property information is a key issue for the professionals in this industry,” says Davies. “We tested Virtual Agent across a broad cross section of our franchisees and agents, and it passed with flying colours as regards to the accuracy of data delivery. When you add the speed of the system, the practical interface, the support team’s understanding of our business, and their willingness to adapt the system to the needs of top agents, the net result is a compelling offering.“

The move by the property giant is expected to send shockwaves through an industry that has traditionally been slow to embrace certain technologies. Leo-Smith says the technology fulfils an important need for estate agents everywhere.

According to Leo-Smith, many other agencies, small and large, are in the process of following Chas Everitt’s footsteps. She promises that the enhanced functionality offered by the platform is just the start.

“The Virtual Agent will continue to have its functionality improved, ensuring that it stays ahead of the curve and taking agencies into the new age of real estate,” concludes Leo-Smith.

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