Business Success And Your Comfort Zone

Howard Blake, Chairman of Blake Holdings, discusses how the age of digital disruption is changing [...]

Tips To Avoid Information Overload

The digital economy, combined with the speed at which digital convergence is developing, facilitates a [...]

South Africa – The Rising Star Of Innovation

A pioneer in the world of business process outsourcing, Blake Holdings’ Chairman, Howard Blake, has [...]

Building a data-driven property industry

Building a data-driven property industry Debbie Leo-Smith, head of product development at The Virtual Agent, [...]

Data analytics

Does your company have an analytics strategy in place? Ignoring the power of data could [...]

A tumultuous year ahead for credit providers

What does the future have in store for the collections industry? Last year, the Protection [...]

Customer management lifecycle for online retailers

Are online retailers doing enough to keep their customers in the buying lifecycle? It might [...]

In-house vs outsourcing: what do you choose?

Sooner or later, every company involved in credit provision faces a dilemma. Do they perform [...]

Keeping the cycle going

Have you recently bought something online using your tablet or smartphone? Chances are you’re one [...]

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