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Excellent customer service helps to improve customer experiences and better customer relationships will lead to customer loyalty.

Since your company’s success is highly linked to how good you are at managing clients, start with your contact centre or call centre. It’s the frontline communication and first impression that customers get of your business. Outsourcing to the right call centre provider has never been so crucial and more and more companies are placing large investments in improving their brand reputation through better customer experiences. Here’s why call centres matter more than ever:


Call Centre Care

As mentioned above, call centres are a great opportunity to build customer relationships. Although customers are more demanding with the rise of technology and digitalisation, your clients still want to talk to humans rather than automated replies. Customers are seeking immediate and more accurate solutions to their problems and queries 24/7. Omni-channel trained call centres such as Blake Connect will help your business stand out from your competitors, create new lead generation opportunities and build customer relationships in a more meaningful way.


Find Your Weaknesses

When using a call centre, one of the greatest benefits is that calls and activities are recorded. This is a great advantage as you are able to review calls when the customer isn’t satisfied in order to improve the areas of your business that are weak. Strong business intelligence capability will also help identify trends allowing for quick intervention to resolve.


Customers Never Forget

It is inevitable that your customers will come across issues which create a negative view of your business until resolved. This can be used to your benefit as call centres allow issues to be resolved effectively and efficiently. Call centres will always aim for customers to leave satisfied and their view of your business to be positive. Therefore, it will be more likely that your customer will refer your business and less chance of them leaving to seek another alternative to fulfil their needs.


Leverage Call Centres Into Your Marketing Strategy

Call centres have the ability to make the most out of outbound calls, such as marketing or research. They can help you to add value, provide information, capture data as well as find innovative ways to improve your marketing strategy. This can be achieved by reaching out to specific customers, offer discounts or introduce incentives.  

Whether you need sales, customer service or quality assurance support, whether it’s low or high volume, whether it’s local or offshore, our team here at Blake Connect has the perfect call centre solution for you.


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